Services & Fees

A Preliminary Consultation* can be arranged to discuss the viability and scope of the proposed works and the following services will be provided as appropriate:

  • Inspection, Survey & Feasibility Study
  • Sketch Proposals & Design Development
  • Application for Local Authority Approval (Planning, Listed Building, Conservation Area Consent) including all Forms, Drawings & Supporting Documents
  • Working drawings & Building Regulations Application
  • Contract Administration

A fixed-price fee can be agreed in advance.

IMG-0946Miriam Layton        

B.A.(Hons) Architecture, Dip.Arch, M.A.Urban Design

Professional Indemnity insurance to £250,000

*A donation of £20 for charity will be charged for an initial consultation via the Crowdfunding page here:



Miriam will listen to your ideas and work with you to develop the design until you are happy with the proposals, then prepare all architectural drawings and documents needed for submission of the Planning Application, guide you through the process and keep you informed throughout.

Planning permission is the responsibility of the local authority Planning Department which is concerned with the visual appearance of the proposed work, its height and size and whether it is sympathetic to its location, whether it will overlook neighbouring properties, its distance from the road etc. and whether it conforms to the local plan.

Unless a project falls within the scope of Permitted Development (applicable to certain minor types of building work like small conservatories, for instance), all building projects must have planning approval.


Building Regulations Approval is the responsibility of the local authority Building Control Department which deals with the Building Regulations.

Anyone wanting to carry out building work which is subject to the Building Regulations is required by law to make sure it complies with the regulations and to use one of the two types of Building Control Service available:

  • the Building Control Service provided by your local authority or
  • the Building Control Service provided by approved inspectors

You will be charged for either service.

Detailed drawings, including itemised notes and specifications on how the building is to be built are required. These drawings must identify the materials to be used and detail the construction’s compliance with all relevant Building Regulations and any other statutory requirements (health and safety, disabled access etc.). Therefore, Building Regulations drawings are generally far more detailed than the drawings and design information required for planning approval. The Building Control Officer (BCO) will visit the site at key stages in the construction for inspections to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

Miriam will prepare the architectural drawings, specifications and other documents needed for the submission of the application for approval under the Building Regulations. It is usually necessary to engage a structural engineer to design the structural elements of the building , Miriam can help you with this and will work with the structural engineer to co-ordinate the design.

These drawings and documents will become the Working Drawings & Specifications used by the Building Contractor.

Every project for which permission is required will need approvals from both Planning & Building Control departments, and application fees must be paid to the local authority for both Planning and Building Regulations.


A contract is a vital document as it is a legally-binding commitment between the builder and the client to deliver the project. For smaller, simpler construction projects it may not be necessary to engage a professional to administer the contract, for larger or more unusual projects, Miriam Layton can provide the following services:

  • Prepare the tender documents, which include all the drawings, specifications & schedules of work necessary to enable the contractors to provide an accurate quotation;
  • Invite tenders from approved contractors; advise on the tenders submitted. (Alternatively, arrange for a price to be negotiated with a chosen contractor);
  • Advise on the appointment of the contractor; where required, prepare the building contract and arrange for it to be signed by the client and the contractor;
  • Act as the client’s agent to administer the contract impartially between both parties (client and contractor);
  • Carry out periodic site visits to monitor progress, liase between parties and provide any additional design information necessary;
  • Agree variations and produce payment certificates;
  • Administer the terms of the building contract relating to the completion of the works and payment of the contractor.

All services include Professional Indemnity Insurance cover to £250,000.00.

Please email:

Telephone: 07801842240 or 01227 752189

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