Contract Administration

A contract is a vital document as it is a legally-binding commitment between the builder and the client to deliver the project. Miriam Layton will:

  • act as the client’s agent to administer the contract impartially between both parties (client and contractor)
  • be responsible for ensuring that the contract documentation is appropriate (there are many different types of contract)
  • carry out periodic site visits to monitor progress and provide any additional design information as necessary

The Contract Administration role will generally include:

The contract documents should include a Schedule of Works, this is a contract document that lists the works required on a project. Miriam Layton can prepare the schedule of works, which will be given to contractors for pricing.

The day-to-day supervision of the build itself will be the responsibility of the contractor, who is also responsible for ensuring that:

  • the structure is built in compliance with the building contract, the planning permission, Building Regulations and Health and Safety requirements
  • the proper carrying out and completion of construction works and for health and safety provisions on the site
  • managing the builder’s programme of works and organising the work on site
  • notifying the client about any expected problems.

You can find more information on the South Thames Gateway website and here.

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