Perry Oaks Oast

We have recently submitted a planning application for Perry Oaks Oast, which will be a new house and holiday lets in Perry Wood, on the site of an existing dilapidated oast house . The application is being submitted by a lovely young local couple who are going to build it themselves, with help from family and friends, and will live and work on the site, running holiday lets and providing spa treatments.
Most importantly, it is going to be a super low-carbon building, or ‘Passivhaus’, as it is known in the industry, and they plan to make significant biodiversity gains on the site, to encourage and support local wildlife.
I feel very strongly that this is exactly the kind of project we should be building in the UK, enabling young people to have their own home, using a previously developed site and creating environmentally-friendly buildings and gardens which protect our environment, both locally and globally.
If you can spare five minutes to support the application, please go to the Swale Planning website and search for application reference. 20/505248/FULL here and click on the ‘Comments’ tab, you can then add your comment of support for the application.
If you want to know more about the project, please read the Design and Access statement, which will tell you all about the eco-friendly construction and how we are going to help wildlife on the site: Perry Oaks Oast Design and Access Statement

You can also find the Ecological Report here:  Ecological Report

If you want to know more about Passivhaus construction, the Passivhaus trust has lots of information and training on their website here.